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Domande frequenti sull’ordinazione

Per comodità, viene fornito un elenco di domande frequenti. Assicurati di dare un’occhiata a questo elenco perché probabilmente alla tua domanda è stata già data una risposta. Se la risposta che cerchi non è qui, sentiti libero di contattare la nostra Assistenza clienti.



Q: Quando riceverò il mio codice di registrazione?

We know that you want your software NOW, and we do care to provide instant service, but please note that the program is already fully functional (unless you are past the trial period already), and you don't have to wait to use the software.

Unfortunately, any automatic fraud detection system cannot detect 100% of fraudulent orders, that's why we have to check all of our orders manually to protect legitimate credit card holders from fraud and us from chargebacks. Please excuse us for any inconvenience caused by our order verification system. Normally, this process is usually completed within a few minutes, however, please allow up to 12 hours to hear back from us.

Q: Sono passate 24 ore, eppure non ho ancora ricevuto il mio codice di registrazione. Qual è il problema?

The delay could mean that our emails are being blocked by your spam filter. Please use the License key request form to report this problem to us. Make sure to mention the order reference number and supply us with an alternate email address. We will be happy to re-issue you another email.

It might not be just your email client that is filtering, others might be doing it in the background as well. Your email server may be overzealous with attachments, and does not let it through to your email client on your desktop computer. Also, quite frequently the problem is with misconfigured SPAM filters, whenever they detect words like "purchase" or "order" in the message subject, they block it.

If it is not in your spam box (99% of the time this is the issue), then doublecheck the email address you entered. It doesn't happen often, but some people wrongly type in their email addresses. Also another issue we have had is that the email gets bounced back for whatever reason.

If you use spam filtering software, please remember to add "" to your list of acceptable email senders.

Q: Chi devo contattare per domande sul mio ordine, pagamento o consegna?

Our Customer Support service will be happy to assist you. To contact us immediately, please use the Customer Suport Contact Form.

Q: Ho perso la mia chiave. È possibile ricevere nuovamente una chiave di licenza?

Our Customer Support service will be happy to assist you. Please use the License key request form to have your key resent to you.

Q: Non ho una carta di credito. Esiste un metodo di pagamento alternativo per il prodotto?

You can pay by check, money order, PayPal, or wire transfer. Please start your ordering process by clicking the Buy Now button, fill out the online order form, select a desired method from "Method of Payment", click "Next" and follow the instructions on the next screen.

Q: Lavoro all'Università. Hai uno sconto sul prezzo per le istituzioni accademiche per PE Explorer?

Generally, we give away a $30 discount on the PE Explorer Personal License for officially employed teaching and research staff, and students of officially accredited educational institutions. Please contact Customer Support to get $30 off $129 coupon code. Note that we reserve the right to request a written proof of eligibility of educational status at any time.

Q: Hai un rivenditore nel mio paese?

We have several reseller partners who offer a wide range of payment methods, including local bank transfers. Check HERE for more information.