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PE Explorer: Bearbeiten ausführbarer EXE/DLL Dateien


+ Neues Feature
* Verbesserung/Änderung oder BugFix

Version 1.99 R6 – October 14, 2009

* PE Explorer is now Windows 7 Ready.
* Now PE Explorer reports an error when trying to open 64-bit files. Support for 64-bit files will only be available in version 2.
* .MUI (Multilingual User Interface) file extension added to the Open File type list.
* Minor tweaks and improvements.

+ Added the options to create the Windows 7 Compatibility and DPI-Aware sections in the Manifest Wizard.
* Bugfix: Windows Vista was unable to recognize the resources in files manifested by PE Explorer.
* Bugfix: The conflict with third-party applications on Windows XP SP3.
* Minor tweaks.

+ Added the options to mark blocks as Byte, Word, DWORD, QWORD and GUID.

UPX Unpacker Plug-in:
* Minor update.

Version 1.99 R5 – Oktober 28, 2008

* Bugfix: Fixed UI errors under Windows Vista.
* Bugfix: Fixed occasional deadlock when quiting PE Explorer.
* Minor tweaks and improvements.

Headers Info Viewer:
+ Mit Characteristics Editor haben Sie die Möglichkeit Bit-Flags im PE Header Characteristics Feld anzuzeigen und zu ändern.

Relocation Viewer:
* Bugfix: Relocations would not be displayed in files which had sections following the Relocation section.

* Es gibt die Möglichkeit, die Prozessor architektur im Manifest Wizard einzustellen.
* Bugfix: Fixed an error that occurred when the last item of a menu to be edited was a separator.

Version 1.99 R4 – Juli 28, 2008

+ Added the option to save the Headers Info, Data Directories and Section Headers View to a text file.
* Improved opening of huge files (of 1 Gb or larger).
* Bugfix: Negative values for the total physical memory under Vista SP1.
* Minor tweaks.

* Bugfix: Fixed an error that occasionally occurred when editing menus.

Version 1.99 R3 – Juni 05, 2008

* Added the Reload Last Opened File button.
* Minor tweaks and improvements.

Section Headers Viewer:
* Added the Delete/Undelete Section buttons.
* Bugfix: Sections could not be deleted.

* Bugfix: Fixed an error that caused PE Explorer to unexpectedly shut down when saving multiple resources at once.

UPX Unpacker Plug-in:
+ UPX v3.03 werden nun unterstützt.
* Minor improvements.

Version 1.99 R2 – August 19, 2007

+ Ein neuer Plug-in: NsPack Entpacker.
* Bugfix: PE Explorer would occasionally raise an exception on startup if the logfile was corrupted.
* Minor tweaks and improvements.

* Bugfix: beim Anzeigen der mehrsprachigen Zeilentabelle wurden die Zeilenmarken falsch angezeigt.

UPX Unpacker Plug-in:
+ UPX v3.01 und LZMA Komprimierung werden nun unterstützt.
+ Now supports for scrambled files originally compressed by UPX v3.01.
* Minor improvements.

Version 1.99 – Mai 02, 2007

+ Added the Digital Signature Viewer.
* Now prompts to remove missing files from the Recent File list.
* Minor tweaks and improvements.

Section Headers Viewer:
+ Now supports creating a resource section in files that don't contain a resource table.
* Bugfix: Fixed errors that occurred when saving files with the first section of zero length.

+ Now supports replacing 256x256 Vista icons stored as .ICO with an icon from a PNG file.
+ Manifest Wizard now supports adding a trust info section to mark a pre-Vista application with a requested execution level.
* Bugfix: The newly created manifest resource could not be deleted.

Version 1.98 R5 – November 15, 2006

* Now PE Explorer is Vista Ready. Fixed issues with Thumbnail Preview and Flip 3D.
* Bugfix: Failed to maintain the maximum log size from session to session.
* Bugfix: Fixed minor memory leaks.
* Other minor bugfixes and improvements.

* Bugfix: The search dialog didn't get minimized when minimizing PE Explorer.
* Bugfix: The dialog preview window stayed on top when switching to another application.
* Bugfix: Visual Studio gave an incorrect format error on some dialogs in files saved out of PE Explorer.

Version 1.98 R4 – September 01, 2006

+ Added the WinUpack/Upack Unpacker Plug-in.
* Improved detection of files with non-standard PE headers.
* Bugfix: PE Explorer occasionally hangs on startup on some systems (the splash screen is displayed and then hangs in there).

+ Added the options to save and load the disassembly listing and all the changes made to continue on later.
+ Added the shortcut key to switch between the Disassembler and the main PE Explorer window.
* Bugfix: Displaying addresses in the View tabs didn't work.
* Other minor bugfixes.

Export Viewer:
+ Added the button to jump to a selected address in the Disassembler.

Version 1.98 R3 – Juli 07, 2006

* Bugfix: Attempting to disassemble a file with broken imports/relocations causes an error.
* Other minor bugfixes.

UPX Unpacker Plug-in:
+ Now supports unpacking of files packed with a number of UPX scramblers: Advanced UPX Scrambler, UPoLyX, UPX Lock, UPX Mutanter, UPX Scrambler, UPX SHIT.

Version 1.98 — Dezember 01, 2005

+ Now supports viewing and replacing large (256x256) Vista icons stored as PNGs.
* Bugfix: Fixed an error that occasionally occurred when displaying a resource as hex dump.

UPX Unpacker Plug-in:
* Now supports unpacking of programs packed with the obsolete early versions of UPX (prior to 0.80).
* Now attempts to recover a file, even when an original PE file header entry is no longer available after unpacking.

Data Directories Viewer:
* Added the Set to Zero button to make removing a pointer easier.

* Bugfix: Fixed an error that occasionally occurred when searching for an offset to fields in the VCL objects.
* Other minor improvements.

Version 1.97 — April 25, 2005

+ Added the Favorite Files menu item to display a list of favorite files for easy access.

* Bugfix: The search command didn't start at the current line of the code when reversing the direction of the search.
* Other minor bug fixes.

+ Now supports editing Dialog Data (string values only).
* Now supports viewing and editing Bitmaps contained in binary streams (previously PE Explorer failed to find the needed resources in programs written in Borland Delphi & C++ Builder).

Version 1.96 — November 01, 2004

+ Added the option to save the disassemly listing with opcodes and addresses.
+ Added the option to save the Strings List Tab View to a text file.
+ Added the option to save the VCL Methods Tab View to a text file.
* Upgraded algorithms and methods resulting in:
· Better Unicode Strings detection.
· Better compiler version detection for programs written in Borland Delphi & C++ Builder.
* Bugfix: Fixed an error that occasionally occurred when searching for VCL object names.

UPX Unpacker Plug-in:
* Now all versions of UPX are supported from 0.8x up to 1.92.

Version 1.95 — Juni 14, 2004

+ Added the Remove Debug Information Tool.
+ Added the Remove Relocations Tool.

+ Now supports the SSE3 instruction set.
* Upgraded the algorithm for detecting Unicode strings.
* Improved the data analysis algorithm to produce a higher quality disassembly listing.

* Bugfix: TypeLibs in the multi-language resources would occasionally display incorrectly.

Version 1.94 — Oktober 20, 2003

+ Now supports editing Accelerators.

+ Now supports the SSE2 instruction set.

* Now supports opening files with modified MS-DOS stubs.
* Now saves charset settings when customizing font.

UPX Unpacker Plug-in:
* Added support for NRV2E_LE32 compression method. Now all versions of UPX are supported from 0.8x up to 1.90.
* Now supports unpacking files with modified UPX headers.

Version 1.93 — Juni 16, 2003

+ Now supports searching for strings in string resources.
+ XML files can now be displayed and edited.

+ Added ability to search the Quick View tabs in the Disassembler window.

* Added ability to set the default Viewer at startup.
* Date/Time displayed in the Log window can be turned off.

Version 1.92 — April 24, 2003

* Bugfix: Fixed an error that occurred when modifying ImageLists built with Delphi 7.
* Bugfix: The icon viewer would occasionally display large icons incorrectly.

* Minor changes to the user interface.

Version 1.91 — January 20, 2003

+ Now supports editing DFM (Borland Delphi/Builder forms).
* Bugfix: Pasting to and from the clipboard in the dialog, menu and text modes was repaired again.
* Bugfix: The UPX Unpacker Plug-in would occasionally display resource names incorrectly.

+ Now displays opcode values as part of the listing.
+ Now supports copying selected text from the disassembly listing to the clipboard.
+ Added the Strings Quick View Tab.
+ Added the VCL Methods Quick View Tab (for Borland Delphi/Builder).
+ Added 4 new views for displaying selected addresses from the disassembly listing. These views support quick swapping with the main disassembly listing.
+ Now supports renaming labels and adding comments.
+ Added the option to find references to the current location.
* Improved the look of the Disassembly Listing Window by color coding different sections.
* Doubleclicking an address in the listing window brings that address into focus (like pressing Enter before).
* The Go To Next and Go To Previous buttons on the toolbar can be used to navigate through the history of selected addresses.
* Verticle line spacing and the number of displayed opcode bytes can be adjusted.

+ Added drag and drop support.
* Bugfix: Filenames were always saved in lowercase — repaired.

For historical purposes:

Version 1.90 — September 16, 2002

Version 1.81 — Juni 12, 2002

Version 1.80 — April 29, 2002

Version 1.70 — März 10, 2002

Version 1.60 — November 15, 2001

Version 1.50 — Oktober 12, 2001

Version 1.40 — August 01, 2001

Version 1.30 — Juni 18, 2001

Version 1.20 — Mai 07, 2001

Version 1.01 — März 23, 2001

Version 1.00 — February 23, 2001

Build 0.70 beta — Oktober 03, 2000


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